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The brief introduction and using of Wall stickers
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The brief introduction and using of Wall stickers

Posted by in wall stickers decoration on December 18, 2013 . 1 Comments.

When you set out to dress up your home warmly and elegantly, are you going to collect all kinds of solid wood, metal, bamboo, rattan and other complicate furniture in every corner of your house? What about your walls, do you want to keep it empty?

bird and tree wall sticker

Good waterproof wall stickers can stick to the wall for more than 6 years

Since the 2007 Paris Home Exposition, wall stickers began to rage in Europe and America , becoming a important way when decorating the interior space.

Wall Stickers generally use vinyl surface material, highlighting the advantages of using non-toxic plasticizers, flame retardant, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, pure color and waterproof. After tacked on the wall the wall decals can be maintained over six years. Since the wall stickers are waterproof, they can be used in the shower room, kitchen and bathroom. However, you must use a dry cloth clean the grease stains, so the stickers could be more firmly attached. When the stickers are dirty, you can wipe them with a damp cloth which is very convenient. Because of the simple and easy to use features, wall decals become the new darling of urban young people.

rabbit wall stickers, nursery wall decals

Wall stickers, compared with the previous main methods of wallpaper and wall decoration aristocratic hand-painted murals, have advantages and disadvantages. Wall stickers have a lot of patterns and can be removed easily. This is better than the hand-painted murals and wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a large area of ​​decorative materials for the general public of the decor, But it lacks the personality traits and oil stains are difficult to be cleaned. The disadvantage of hand-painted murals is too expensive. In addition, hand-painted murals are not easy to modify. If you do not want them, you have to re-paint the walls.

nursery wall sticker

The hardest part of selecting wall stickers is choosing the colors. By visiting the customers and designers, you can follow some recommendation: relax yourself and relieve fatigue.

(1) Adding gray to black and white. Black and white can create a strong visual effect, and when add gray wall stickers, it can ease the black -and-white visual sensory conflict, thus creating another completely different atmosphere. with these three colors, the space is filled with modern and futuristic cold tone. These colors will produce the simple, rational, orderly and professional sense.

(2) Mix Orange and Black. These can show warm and mysterious, elegant and deep intersection, the collision of both modern and minimalist visual experience.

(3) When choosing red or white for bedroom color tone, most people think that the use of white is safer. However, if adding a little red color, the entire interior atmosphere will be active and display the coolness and flawlessness of the white color.

(4) Gray mash with yellowish hue in the living space are good for the middle-aged. Using a yellowish color with the gray line is a good mix and matches the color scheme. Gray is a calm and cool color, representing mature charm. Yellow is on behalf of elegant temperament. Therefore, this method is very suitable for the color of the middle-aged successful people .

Wall stickers' extended function

(1) Coordinating the entire household appliances and home decoration style to be one of the home environments. However, sometimes it is inevitable that the conflict between the old appliances with new home decor. If the appropriate wall stickers are affixed to the appliance, the tone of the entire room will be compatible. 

(2) Attach the vinyl wall sticker to the glass sliding door to avoid the crash. Now a lot of people at home have sliding doors with transparent glass, they would often inattentive hit the glass door. At this time similar style wall stickers can make up for the deficiency, but also adds a landscape to the door, playing a role of shadowing and decoration.


(3) Wall decals can make up the defect of the walls. When move the table or the sofa, it can scrap the wall painting, which is a common thing. The walls pockmarked also annoy housewives. Now a small wall sticker can solve this trouble.


   Viscous transfer films may change with temperature, 20 degrees in the operating room will achieve the best results. When apply the vinyl wall art in the hot summer, please open the  air conditioning to cool the air, the wall stickers can be unaffected by the high temperature. The wall are stickers can not be reused, please don't move it after applying.

   Some longer big pattern size may appear flattened bulge, which is a normal phenomenon after unwinding the double the material. It can be smoothed, if the smoothing is very difficult, you can use scissors or a knife to cut the drum kit and then smooth it.










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