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How to Use Wall Stickers for Decorating
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How to Use Wall Stickers for Decorating

Posted by in wall stickers decoration on May 14, 2014 .

 On the internet, I found many mom bloggers are teaching their children at home. Yes, they are home-schooling. That is to say, they would need teaching aids. Such as, black board and chalks. Here, I am going to introduce a kind of black board to you. It is chalkboard wall sticker. It has the same function however chalkboard wall sticker is smaller than the real black board. So it still can deal with the problem. I think home-schooling mom would need it.

 Also, we can apply it in kid’s room. They would enjoy it very much because they can draw and write what they want on the chalkboard. It would help children to improve their intelligence and develop their creativity. Little kids have excellent imagination in their mind. It is a great tool to let their thoughts out. And you can keep track of your busy schedule plus your husband’s schedule and your kids’. 
I believe it will be make your life clear and simple. This small chalkboard wall sticker can keep all your details, dates and important things going around. It is great to record.
 Then, if you want to apply it, please select your preferred quote, size or design and then cut them out with necessary mechanism. As you find the cutting mat to get uploaded, simply peel the background, which is the negative part of your pattern. Leave the vinyl sticker behind as it is, on the mat.

Grip the transfer tape to disconnect it from the protective support. Now, position the sticky part facing down against the frontage of your vinyl sticker. Gently lift up the quote or design, which is now ready for application. 
That is quite a simple process. For applying the vinyl wall decals, what you have to do is just peel off the sticky back carefully so as to the front part of the sticker remain attached to that transfer tape. Place vinyl wall stickers on your preferred place and squeeze to remove the bubbles that form underneath. 


Posted by in wall stickers decoration on May 05, 2014 .

 This design is the perfect point to your nursery kids room or playroom décor. There are different animal’s images here. Such as,tiger, dog, sloth, butterfly, elephant, giraffe, cat, dolphin, penguin, lion, crocodile, and so on. Their facial expressions are rich.Some of them are swimming, some are crawling, some are swimming, some are dancing, some are playing. Stimulating images, colors,shapes and in your baby's room will  be associated quickly with feelings and emotions by your newborn baby and your baby will quickly regard your newly decorated room as a place of safety and a warm harbor.It helps the baby sleep more soundly and sweet.

 This alphabet sticker can help children to recognize the letters, improve children’s observation ability, stimulate their thirst for knowledge. So, it is really a great tool for parents to teaching their children and it is also a great way for children to learning.Young children especially newborns thrive on visual stimulation also the visual environment of your baby's surroundings are the first elements which contribute to the higher learning of your newborn baby.

  Also, apply wall stickers are an economic way to decorate children’s room.You would spend less money to decorate your children’s room compared with hiring the decoration company, and you would spend less time to finish a great job. Applying wall stickers are quite an easy job while you should make sure about the cleanliness of your wall. These wall stickers can almost affix anywhere clean, dry, flat.What you need to do is just peel and stick.Of course,they will not left any residue behind.

All in all, your imagination and creativity plays a very important role in creating an exceptionally looking beautiful space for your baby.You can decide the desired places with your children while put some sense before affixing them.If you have a thought in your mind to redecorate your kid’s room, why not plan for redecorating it with alphabet wall stickers, which are helpful to your kids.

Posted by in on Apr 28, 2014 .

  With the development of the technology and economy, they begin to seek for the quality of life. And everyone wants to live a better life. More and more people pay much more attention to their dressing, cars and diet. Especially, housing plays an important role in daily life. They want to create an easy atmosphere to relieve the pressure of living and working, physically rest and mentally rest. Then, decoration comes to our mind. Here, I want to teach you a lesson about decorating. We had better to avoid the permanent decoration. And using a wall sticker is a great choice for you to decorate your house. Here are reasons:


  First of all, wall sticker is a practical product. Because of it is very easy to apply and easy to remove. It can go any place where it is smooth, dry, flat surface. So, you can even decorate floor, window, doors… And it will not damage the wall. There are no sticky things left behind and no need to handling. What you need to do is peeling and affixing it to your desired place. Then, using a bank card or similar material and rub firmly over each sticker. Apply it with pressure and repeat the process one or two times to ensure it is tight and there are not any air bubbles left.

 Secondly, there are many kinds of wall stickers. There are quotes, animals, jungles, chalkboard, alphabet stickers, and tress, flowers, world map, music, vehicles, dancing, stars and moon. You can find whatever you like here. 
  Last but not least, wall stickers are also cheaper than the other decoration. If you choose decoration company to decorate your house, it must be a large amount costs for you. However, you don’t need to worry about the costs of wall sticker.
So, the best choice to decorating your house must be wall sticker!!!

Posted by in wall stickers decoration on Apr 24, 2014 .

 There is a space in everyone’s heart. What would you like your house to show us? Now you don’t need to think too much. Here are the best choices for you to rest your heart and soul. You can choose different types of wall decals to decorate your house to present us your character. In the process of our life, there must be something that will inspire you to move forward. This inspirational things may be some great figures or just quotes or sayings left by them. Since there are countless difficulties we are going to encounter, quotes and sayings of those remarkable people are serving as the beacon in the darkness of our livings. So, it is surely a good idea to hang up some wall decals or quote decals on the wall to remind you of the strong willing and zeal to life.

  The DECDECALS is providing you a plentiful series of quote, sayings great figure wall decals to choose from. The main categories include inspirational & motivational quote wall decals, home & family, love and definition ones. Most of the people are fond of the inspirational & motivational wall decals, for they can acquire the confidence and courage from the sentences quoted by some outstanding figures. For example, “You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose!”Pasting it on the walls of your bedroom, you will wake up every morning to have full confidence and energy for the whole day. Also, we maintain home & family category for those warm and happy families like “Home is where the heart is.”If you have one wall decals like this in your living room, it will add more joy and warm to your family. So, don’t hesitate to turn your room into a comfortable as well as inspirational one. 

  And, wall decals are convenient to use. It is simple to apply and simple to remove. Never worry about damaging your wall. You would decorate your house with a pleasant mood. When you want to change your house, All that you need to do is to tear the backside paper off and apply the removable wall stickers on your walls. Your entire decorating job just takes a few hours. Never worry about the expenses of decorating.
  So, the removable wall decals are getting widely used in many places. That is to say, the popularity of removable wall decals is growing fast because of it shows a sense of beauty, cost less besides easy application and purposefulness. The greatest benefit of these wall decals is availability because they are removable. 
Now, look at your family. Do they really get the same pleasure and enjoyment from the house decoration? I think after a-whole-day hard work, they will feel totally chilled by seeing this cheer-up wall decals. Let’s look for different, new things and items that keep our enthusiasm going for life. We will benefit a lot from wall decals.



For those who are in search of a genuine hub in order to purchase wall decals and stickers to décor their offices, rooms or schools; a communication with the recognized center like wall decals australia as well as wall stickers australia can be a great idea. In fact, all these settings are equipped with unbelievable ranges of wall stickers and tattoos enabling people to access newest and trendiest stickers matching their personalized requirements.

Are you not aware of these decorative tools!!!   

No issues!!  Just understand that both wall decals and stickers are up-to-the-minute trends in home decoration and improvements. Are you impressed!!!

Well, these decorative items are basically super thin kind of vinyl strips, which are designed by cutting them in particular patterns and colors. The greatest facet of such stickers is their non-destructive nature since no caustic adhesive is used to make them sticky. Owing to its natural glueyness and non harming characteristics these thin slides of vinyl can be applied widely to make your room look neat, stylish and meaningful.

Access wide range of stickers and decals

Instead of looking to those old fashioned and pained walls, why not go for wall decals australia and buy some innovative designed stickers for your kid’s play room, your bedroom or dining place. Needless to say that re-painting cost a lot while it is a time consuming job and cannot be done frequently.

  • In wall stickers australia, you can find a lot of assorted types of wall stickers and decals and most types are designed aiming the preference of children. Among them, the most sought wall decals are the prominent sports stars, characters of children’s movies as well as cartoons.
  • It is on the other hand, one can access comprehensive range sunning, stylish and trendy wall stickers and decals that are intended chiefly for up-to-date home design. If you are looking for floral stickers, flower decals or eye soothing landscapes, take it granted that you will not be disappointed with the plentiful stocks of wall decals australia. Without saying, flowers are a top sought and perennial alternative as it matters to room décor. Based on the type, style and color of your choice, you can opt for flower decals that are elegant, pretty and best matching.
  • From simple blooms or herbs to dazzling floral baroque, wall stickers australia offers you an extended choice enabling you to employ the flower stickers and decals in the easiest way to décor a room. To add a feel of elegance, style and color in your bedroom or kid’s room these wall graphics are simply matchless.
  • Whether you are searching for over-sized stickers or decals to use as mural, wall quote tattoos, for stickers for the master bedroom, you can get all of them readily available in wall stickers australia.  

The distinctiveness of decals and stickers

Imagine, whilst you enjoy the splendor of your favorite flowers, they do not require routine watering, no dried leaves or fallen petals while you find them always lively, sparkling and juvenile.

No decaying of these stickers leads to hygienic decoration and most of these wall decals australia are removable without any trouble. However, if you have an intention to alter them frequently, you should also apply and maintain the wall stickers or decals with utmost care.






Are you a fervent traveler, who loves animals? If yes, you can decorate your entire house with amazing safari wall stickers, which will make the living space a lot more unique, modern and lively. Some of the best animal wall stickers will simulate your old memories. For example, if you enjoyed a recent safari vacation, you can recapture the astounding moment by having safari wall stickers in your living room. The wall stickers tend to serve several different purposes. The sensational stickers will help you decorate the place. Similarly, the stickers will help you treasure your journey’s unforgettable moments. The animal wall stickers evolve to be a “décor option” that can be used anywhere in your home!

A simple way of decorating!

Safari wall decals are treated as an easy and versatile way of decorating walls. The easy method will help you add a pinch of visual appeal to a majestic room with huge empty walls. The animal stickers can be customized to en suite with the room’s fixtures, furniture, frames, window seals and shelves. The art of installing safari wall stickers is easy done than said! Similarly, you can swap them out and move them around rooms without any hassles or tussles. The wall stickers will not leave a messy residue on your priceless walls!

Welcoming the new toddler!

Also, animal wall stickers uk are recognized as a perfect theme for nurseries. Parents, who are expecting their little ones, can use the wall stickers to devour a warm welcome to the “special guest”. The stickers tend to confer elders with a huge myriad of possibilities. For example, you can align the safari wall stickers in a charming and warm manner. You can pair cute tigers, pandas, giraffes and elephants to reinvent the very old “Noah’s Ark Theme”. Similarly, the use of koala bear stickers and bunny decals has being around for several years.

Wall stickers for teens

As the little one grows to become a teen, you can rearrange the safari animal stickers effortlessly. You can customize the animals in accordance with your kid’s personality. Most teens tend to prefer horses and wild lions as a picture perfect wall décor. If your boy loves running, you can group several horses and suffice the quench of your little equestrian. Likewise, if your princess admires colors and freedom, you should stick several flocks of butterflies on her walls. With more than several different types of safari wall stickers, your options for effective home decors become endless.

Few achievable ideas!

Finally, elders who wish to have a scenic ambience can add more vibrancy to their rooms with huge animal stickers. Large empty walls can be used as an effective palette for enormous animal sceneries. With so many safari wall decals, you can fabricate the following decorative themes:

  1. You can change the look of your living room with a gigantic African Elephant.
  2. You can transform your bedrooms into a sunny tropical destination with colorful birds and flamingos.
  3. You can make the guest room a lot more inviting with calm safari wall stickers.


A final note!

The choices are yours, and the idea has to fit your home! However, remember that the world of safari wall stickers is sensibly timeless and decoratively complimenting.

When you set out to dress up your home warmly and elegantly, are you going to collect all kinds of solid wood, metal, bamboo, rattan and other complicate furniture in every corner of your house? What about your walls, do you want to keep it empty?

Good waterproof wall stickers can stick to the wall for more than 6 years

Since the 2007 Paris Home Exposition, wall stickers began to rage in Europe and America , becoming a important way when decorating the interior space.

Wall Stickers generally use vinyl surface material, highlighting the advantages of using non-toxic plasticizers, flame retardant, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, pure color and waterproof. After tacked on the wall the wall decals can be maintained over six years. Since the wall stickers are waterproof, they can be used in the shower room, kitchen and bathroom. However, you must use a dry cloth clean the grease stains, so the stickers could be more firmly attached. When the stickers are dirty, you can wipe them with a damp cloth which is very convenient. Because of the simple and easy to use features, wall decals become the new darling of urban young people.

Wall stickers, compared with the previous main methods of wallpaper and wall decoration aristocratic hand-painted murals, have advantages and disadvantages. Wall stickers have a lot of patterns and can be removed easily. This is better than the hand-painted murals and wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a large area of ​​decorative materials for the general public of the decor, But it lacks the personality traits and oil stains are difficult to be cleaned. The disadvantage of hand-painted murals is too expensive. In addition, hand-painted murals are not easy to modify. If you do not want them, you have to re-paint the walls.

The hardest part of selecting wall stickers is choosing the colors. By visiting the customers and designers, you can follow some recommendation: relax yourself and relieve fatigue.

(1) Adding gray to black and white. Black and white can create a strong visual effect, and when add gray wall stickers, it can ease the black -and-white visual sensory conflict, thus creating another completely different atmosphere. with these three colors, the space is filled with modern and futuristic cold tone. These colors will produce the simple, rational, orderly and professional sense.

(2) Mix Orange and Black. These can show warm and mysterious, elegant and deep intersection, the collision of both modern and minimalist visual experience.

(3) When choosing red or white for bedroom color tone, most people think that the use of white is safer. However, if adding a little red color, the entire interior atmosphere will be active and display the coolness and flawlessness of the white color.

(4) Gray mash with yellowish hue in the living space are good for the middle-aged. Using a yellowish color with the gray line is a good mix and matches the color scheme. Gray is a calm and cool color, representing mature charm. Yellow is on behalf of elegant temperament. Therefore, this method is very suitable for the color of the middle-aged successful people .

Wall stickers' extended function

(1) Coordinating the entire household appliances and home decoration style to be one of the home environments. However, sometimes it is inevitable that the conflict between the old appliances with new home decor. If the appropriate wall stickers are affixed to the appliance, the tone of the entire room will be compatible. 

(2) Attach the vinyl wall sticker to the glass sliding door to avoid the crash. Now a lot of people at home have sliding doors with transparent glass, they would often inattentive hit the glass door. At this time similar style wall stickers can make up for the deficiency, but also adds a landscape to the door, playing a role of shadowing and decoration.


(3) Wall decals can make up the defect of the walls. When move the table or the sofa, it can scrap the wall painting, which is a common thing. The walls pockmarked also annoy housewives. Now a small wall sticker can solve this trouble.


   Viscous transfer films may change with temperature, 20 degrees in the operating room will achieve the best results. When apply the vinyl wall art in the hot summer, please open the  air conditioning to cool the air, the wall stickers can be unaffected by the high temperature. The wall are stickers can not be reused, please don't move it after applying.

   Some longer big pattern size may appear flattened bulge, which is a normal phenomenon after unwinding the double the material. It can be smoothed, if the smoothing is very difficult, you can use scissors or a knife to cut the drum kit and then smooth it.










Posted by in wall stickers decoration on Dec 05, 2013 .

Vinyl wall art for your walls

Wall decals are stickers used to decorate your home in your own unique style with pictures of your taste and kind. These stickers are made as such that does not ruin your walls and can also be re-used when laminated to avoid any kind of damage. These are easy to use and remove and help in keeping the trouble of painting and repainting your rooms away. Given no one has so much time for running behind contractors and selecting the perfect paint and more such wall stickers are the best option available to make you living space look fabulous in no time.

The perfect attraction

Also known as vinyl wall art these stickers are used to reinvent your house and make it look much more attractive than before. Such wall art can be customized and make to look exactly like the way you want it to. You can select pictures, drawings, quotes and the color you want your stickers to be like. Once ordered you will receive them in no time and then decorate your house in the way you want to without any help. It is one of the most easily DIY house decorations in fashion for all those busy yet creative people who love any work of art.

The places of decoration

Wall art stickers are used in various places such as living rooms or to decorate children rooms to the way they like. Each wall can have a different sticker to it, but also one should keep in mind to not overdo it making your house look too stuffy with pictures and drawings everywhere. These can also be made large enough to cover up your entire wall. Vinyl decals are commonly used by many and even suggested by many interior designers off late to make a particular place look trendy and also classy. The most beneficial factor of these kinds of stickers is that since they are not permanent they can easily be used and removed whenever you like or get bored of a particular piece.

The varieties

Removable wall stickers save a lot of time and hassle and also look much attractive. These were although used before for signs but have today come up and reinvented themselves in such a way that they look more beautiful when customized and used at home. Youngsters usually seem to opt for funky designs to give their space their own personality while the more matured people opt for subdued designs and such. But of course this depends from people to people.

Using such wall decorations does not require any other decorations to be used along. These are sufficient in themselves and therefore very commonly used by many people. Since a house is your own personal space it requires having your personal touch to it. You can choose from anything, the option is in plenty and you would get exactly that printed and ready to be stuck to your wall.  Use this kind of art to make your house look pretty and more bright and lively, because your house says a lot about you.

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